Nyx: The Veil of Night

Nyx: The Veil of Night

Who is the Goddess Nyx?

Proserpine by artist Dante Gabriel RossettiA Noite com os gênios do Estudo e do Amor by artist Pedro Amèrico, 1883
In the pantheon of ancient Greek mythology, one powerful figure lurks amidst the darkness: Nyx, the primordial goddess of the night. Born from Chaos and the primordial void, Nyx predates the gods themselves. She is the personification of the night, a timeless and eternal force that blankets the world in darkness when the sun sets below the horizon. Depicted in ancient art as a winged deity or charioteer, sometimes surrounded by a crown of dark mist, Nyx commands reverence as the mistress of night.  Like the goddess, our Nyx Candle wraps you in the cool, calming embrace of night. With soothing notes of English lavender, clary sage, and rosemary, our Nyx Candle is the perfect sleepy-time fragrance to wind down after a long day.
Aphrodite's Apothecary's Persephone Candle

Aphrodite's Apothecary's
Nyx Candle.

Mysterious as the night and just as fleeting, Nyx does not directly feature as a character in Greek myth. However, don't let this fool you -- her presence was revered, respected, and feared...even by Zeus himself. As one of the primordial deities, she holds great power, and as the night itself, she is eternal. While the enigmatic Nyx often hides in darkness, her children stand directly beneath the spotlight and are incredibly important figures in mythology.

Nyx's Dark Offspring 

From her own being, with no help from a mate, Nyx wrought forth a chilling litter of dark offspring: the Fates, or the Moirai, who weave the threads of destiny; the twin gods Hypnos, ruler of sleep, and Thanatos, the frighteningly permanent version of his brother -- the god of death; Strife, known as the goddess Eris; and Oizys the personification of pain and suffering. Despite creating these denizens of darkness, Nyx also bestowed upon the cosmos two beings of pure, blinding light.

Nyx's Children of Light

Coupling with Erebos, the personification of darkness, Nyx bore a son, Aether, the radiant upper sky, and a daughter, Hemera, the goddess of day, whose luminous presence brings light and warmth to the world and banishes the cold chill of night. Hemera and Aether act as a counterbalance to their parents -- beckoning light into a world once filled with nothing but inky black.
Night & Day Candle Duo - Aphrodite's Apothecary -Aphrodite's Apothecary Night & Day Candle Duo
Our Night & Day Candle Duo captures the interplay between this cosmic mother-daughter team. While Nyx rules over night and Hemera over day, their realms intertwine in a delicate dance of light and shadow, dawn and dusk. Together, they represent the cyclical nature of existence, where day yields to nightfall and darkness falls to light in an eternal cycle of renewal and rebirth.
While Nyx may appear absent from the many tales of Greek lore, she is always there. Her presence is inescapable, she is the velvet cloak of night, woven into every day's existence. Nyx demonstrates that great things and beacons of light can emerge from even the darkest of nights.
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