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Vanilla + Apple + Rose

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Fragrance Notes

Top: Cherry Blossom, Green Leaves, Ozone

Middle: Apple, Rose, Ylang Ylang

Base: Vanilla Bean, Cedar

Burn Time

When burned responsibly, our 8.5 oz soy candles have a burn time of 40-50 hours and 4 oz candles have a burn time of 16-24 hours.

Who is Aphrodite?

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, brings a touch of allure and romance wherever she goes. Her essence is like a sweet, intoxicating fragrance that enchants hearts and kindles desires. With a gentle touch of her magic, she turns even the simplest moments into expressions of love and appreciation, reminding us that beauty is a gift to be both cherished and shared. In myths, Aphrodite's influence ranges from sparking passion among gods and mortals to inspiring artistic creations that celebrate the magnificence of love.

With a flicker that dances like the flame of desire, the crackling wooden wick of our Aphrodite Candle will weave a love charm around you. With notes of romantic rose, vanilla, and juicy apple, our Aphrodite Candle evokes the sensuality of a secret rendezvous. Say goodbye to any dated associations of rose and experience our elevated, modern twist on this timeless fragrance note. Surrender to the allure, indulge in the mischief, and let the goddess of love inspire your own divine moments. Love awaits, and Aphrodite is here to fan the flames!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mandy M. (Fayetteville, NC)
Absolutely enchanting aroma!

This is my all time favorite! When I need some self love or a had a bad day, this is the candle I turn too!


The final review, 4 of 4 for the husband sampler. I chose this because he generally likes vanilla and apple scents in candles but anything rose can be hit or miss with him. He, surprisingly to me, really likes this one! The rose scent is definitely the strongest, so if you're not a fan you may not like it, but it pairs absolutely wonderfully with the apple. I really enjoy this one!

Michael R. (Tampa, FL)
I’m in Love

I’m obsessed with apple fragrances when they are done right — and this is done RIGHT! Sometimes apple can be too synthetic or candy-esque but Josh really did the dang thing with this one. The apple is so fresh and reminds me of apple picking in my childhood. The vanilla adds a necessary sweetness that doesn’t overpower and the rose is also just the perfect floral balance. Sometimes other rose candles can smell “dated” but this has changed my previous opinions against rose. Highly recommend. I can’t stop burning this one!

Mike F.

I have to say, Aphrodite surprised me AND made my husband a bit teary. The scent reminded him so strongly of his great grandmother’s perfume. It is just lovely with just enough Apple to even everything out perfectly.