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Pumpkin + Vanilla + Autumn Spice

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Fragrance Notes

Top: Cardamom, Clove

Middle: Pumpkin, Sugar

Base: Cinnamon, Pastry Crust, Vanilla

Burn Time

When burned responsibly, our 8.5 oz soy candles have a burn time over 40 hours and 4 oz candles have a burn time of 16-24 hours.

Who is Hestia?

Hestia, the goddess of hearth, home, and family, embodies the comforting essence of domestic life. Her presence is like a warm embrace, symbolizing the cozy sanctuary where loved ones gather and moments are cherished. With a focus on nurturing and harmony, Hestia's energy fosters a sense of belonging and tranquility within the household. In mythology, she's often honored at the start of gatherings, ensuring the flame of unity burns bright and that the heart of the home remains an unshakable foundation.

Our Hestia Candle combines pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla to create a warm and cozy vibe that's perfect for chilly autumnal days (or, any day you want to be cocooned in a warm blanket!). Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, home, and family life. Indulge in our Hestia Candle and let her warm, positive energy fill your home. As the scent of pumpkin pie spice wafts through the air and our one-of-a-kind x-shaped wood wick crackles, imagine yourself cozied up in a plush chair by a flickering fire.

Learn more about Hestia on our blog!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Whitney R. (Brownsboro, TX)
Goddess of the Hearth

This is my favorite candle! The scent is warm and comforting. The wood wick is great! It burns very well. Just buy it! You won’t regret it!

Annarose D.

Smells great, burns well, longer life than other candles.


Love it! Smells fantastic and came with some lovely stickers and candle advice.