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Oakmoss + Amber + Sage

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Fragrance Notes

Top: Sage, Green Florals, Ozone

Middle: Wet Earth, Lavender

Base: Oakmoss, Amber, Patchouli

Burn Time

When burned responsibly, our 8.5 oz soy candles have a burn time over 40 hours and 4 oz candles have a burn time of 16-24 hours.

Who is Artemis?

Artemis, the Greek goddess of the wild, embodies the rough untamed forces of nature and the softer aspects of femininity and womanhood. Twin to Apollo, the cultured god of music, poetry, and the sun, Artemis acts as his opposite: embodying the moon and the untethered, primal beauty of the the natural world. 

Revered as the goddess of the "masculine" spheres of archery, hunters, and the woods, she symbolizes strength, independence, and the raw beauty of the wilderness. However, Artemis also governs the feminine, as one of the goddesses associated with the moon, she serves as the goddess of virgins and midwifery. In fact, she is a virgin herself, along with the other virgin goddesses Athena, Hecate, and Hestia. With her finely balanced qualities and commitment to purity, Artemis commands respect and admiration.

This petrichor candle will please even the pickiest of pluviophiles. Immerse yourself in the primal, earthy fragrance of our Artemis Candle and invoke the spirit of the goddess of the untamed wilds. Named after the formidable goddess of the hunt, our Artemis Candle is a grounding scent that brings the essence of rain-soaked woods into your home. Top notes of sage and ozone float like mist through the forest canopy, blending flawlessly with the scents of lavender, moss, and wet earth that cover the forest floor. Light our Artemis candle and escape to the wilds with your new favorite scent!


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Customer Reviews

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Cameron L. (Morton Grove, IL)



Artemis is absolutely amazing. An instant joy to light after a long day and just relax